I want to know if I booked with SIX Tickets

I want to know if I booked with SIX Tickets

If your booking was made with SIX Tickets, a confirmation email would have been sent to the email address used for booking from SIX Tickets (or SIX® Tickets) using a mailbox address automated@ingresso.io or automated@ingresso.co.uk.

If your booking was not made through SIX Tickets and your confirmation email is not from the mailbox above, we will not be able to help with the booking - instead you will need to contact the company you purchased your tickets through. 

If you are unable to locate your confirmation email and you are unsure who you booked your tickets through, you can check your payment card statement, if it says just: SIX Tickets (or SIX® Tickets) and no other wording, then you have booked with us.

If your card statement says the show name or anything else, then it is most likely you booked through another company. To try and locate the company you booked through we advise you contact Nimax Theatres (the venue operator), who can be contacted here:
telephone 0330 333 4815

If you did book through SIX Tickets but are unable to locate your booking confirmation email and you have checked your junk, spam and deleted mail folders and you still cannot locate the email, please contact us